Proyecto Alto Maipo

Client Constructora Nuevo Maipo
Location Maipo River Basin, José de Maipo District, Chile
Scope Of Work El Volcan basin is largely fed by snowmelt from glaciers and therefore has a high variability in monthly average flows. Sedimentation markedly increases during the summer months.
Schedule 2016

Project Detail


531 MW (Alfalfal II 264 MW and Las Lajas 267 MW), Run-of-Riverf, Annual production of 2300 GWh, 67 km of tunnel will be built between the high sector of the Volcan River and Las Lajas in the Maipo River. Alfalfal II: Net head is 1.160 m and discharge is 27 m3/s. Las Lajas: Net head is 486 m and discharge is 65 m3/s.

Solution: SediCon will supply six SediCon Sluicers with two SediCon Sluicers in each of the three sedimentation basins at El Volcan intake. The sediments will be transported from the sedimentation basin, through the concrete wall and deployed back to the river by opening the outlet valves. The whole system will have an approximate capacity of 1.800 ton/hour.

Implementation: The SediCon Sluicers are scheduled to be installed during 2018.


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