At SediCon we believe in the power of partnership. By collaborating with industry leaders and innovative thinkers, we bring you the best equipment, solutions and services. Our partnerships are built on trust, mutual growth, and a shared vision of excellence.


Sedicon and HydroCen have joined forces to drive innovation in the renewable energy sector. This collaboration leverages the strengths of both organizations to advance research and develop cutting-edge solutions for sustainable energy production. Project Tysso is a direct result of this partnership.

Business Norway

SediCon and Business Norway have partnered to enhance the impact of sustainable energy solutions and drive economic growth within Norway. This collaboration merges SediCon's technical expertise with Business Norway's expansive network and business development capabilities.

Inex Green

SediCon and Inex Green have formed a strategic partnership to advance sustainable environmental solutions and promote renewable energy. This collaboration combines SediCon's innovative sediment management technologies with Inex Green's expertise in environmental consulting and green technologies.

Co-operation project: Construction of the SHP Uniegoszcz with implementation of innovative solutions in the field of Archimedes turbine de-icing. Together with Norway Grants & PARP Grupa PFR.