Open desanders

SediCon Sluicer

The SediCon Sluicer is a gravity powered sediment removal system for desanders and tunnel sand traps of any kind.The SediCon Sluicer has no movable parts, operation is extremely simple and can be designed for any capacity. 

  • High capacity and low water consumption.
  • Ideal for all desanders.
  • Does not interfere with power production.
  • No movable parts.
  • Removes all types of sediments
  • Environmental friendly
  • low maintenance cost

SediCon Desander Dredge

The SediCon Desander Dredge operates under hydrosuction principle, using the difference in water level between the desander and the discharge point of the outlet pipe to pump a mixture of water and sediment out of the desander. 

  • High capacity and low water consumptio
  • Great solution for existing desanders.
  • Does not interfere with power production
  • Few movable parts
  • Capable to desintegrate cohesive sediments
  • environmental friendly
  • low maintenance cost