SediCon is a leading supplier of reliable and efficient solutions for handling sediments worldwide. Our company has extensive experience and broad expertise, and we offer tailor-made equipment that can help increase production and extend life expectancy.

We offer

  • Sediment removal from open and pressurized desanders
  • Hydrosuction of sediments from reservoirs of all sizes
  • Removal of gravel and boulders from run-of-river and secondary intakes, without movable parts and only using excess flood water
  • Remotely operated dredges for recovery of bottom outlets, intakes and inside tunnels
  • Special projects of all kind

Our approach

Our approach at SediCon focuses on delivering reliable solutions for handling sediments in hydropower plants. We have extensive experience and broad knowledge in the field, and our team consists of experienced engineers and specialists who are dedicated to finding the best solution for our customers.