Special projects

Cutting-Edge Dredging Solutions

SediCon custom-design equipment for a wide range of special applications, from dredging of rocks and debris in pressurised tunnels to pioneering efforts in marine archaeology up to depths of 1000 meters or concrete removal by 1000 bar water-blasting and suction.

Innovative Technology and Collaboration

We pride ourselves on our innovative technologies developed specifically for our sister company, Deep C Solutions—a leader in subsea dredging. Offerings include the Subsea Construction Vehicle equipped with 400 kW of dredge power and a 500 mm unrestricted flow capacity, alongside ROVs, subsea dredgers, Soil Plug Removal Tools, and Mass Flow Excavators. For seabed intervention projects, please feel free to reach out directly to Deep C Solutions.

Experienced and Patented Solutions

With over 30 years of experience, a portfolio of innovative technologies, and more than 10 patents, SediCon is your go-to expert for sediment removal from any underwater location. We are eager to assist with your needs, please contact us for a free consulation and non-binding proposal.